For nearly 40 episodes, Nathan Gotsch sat down for an hour-long interview with one of his most interesting friends on Facebook to talk about their lives and careers. (He also served as producer and editor.) Guests included actors, athletes, artists, an inner-city high school teacher, and even a Chevrolet dealer.

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During his time working with Concordia Lutheran High School, Nathan set up a podcast studio for students on campus. The first series he produced – Presidential Primer – was co-hosted by two politically-interested students and focused on the 2016 presidential primaries. In-studio guests included a retired US Congressman as well as a former delegate to the Republican National Convention.

The second series featured conversation about topics relevant to teenagers today: eating disorders, divorce, teen relationships, and race relations at the high school. In the episodes, Nathan moderated a panel of students, teachers, administrators, and licensed therapists.